APN Behavioral Healthcare

[In regards to TMS] Within two weeks, things were beginning to improve. I started to feel hope, and hope is something that when you go through dark times is what you’re hoping to find.

- JW

That is what TMS has done for us. It’s given us the sparkle back in our son’s eyes, and I will be forever grateful for that.

- DD

I have been going to APN Healthcare for over 8 years. I can certainly say I most likely would not be here if not for them, especially Barbara Miller. They are like family to me. I have referred several friends that were having similar issues. I will go there for the rest of my life. Waxahachie and Ellis county is blessed to have such a great healthcare LLC. Thank you APN Healthcare for giving me back my life. I love all you ladies.

- TC

My experience at APN Healthcare? Top notch. Very home-like atmosphere. If you're looking for the extreme "clinical" treatment? Definitely look elsewhere. You won't find the sterile waiting rooms, or the beige/subtle green paint here. Staff is friendly, and not afraid to strike up a conversation. Actually seem human, rather than a form of Receptibot 9000. Makes it EXTREMELY comfortable to engage in what can be an awkward and uncomfortable circumstance to begin with... Highly recommended.


They care they all care. Barbara Miller has saved my family and my life. I couldn't leave my house or my room my whole life was falling apart. First she gave me hope and then she gave me my life back.

- DA

I have been seeing Barbara for about five years now and have no complaints. She has done wonders for me! She has walked with me step by step, listened to me through all of my problems, and worked with my medicine until it is the right fit for me. She is truly a blessing and I thank God every day for bringing her into my life. I recommend her to everyone I know!

- LT

Ms. Miller and her staff have been over the top outstanding to myself and my family! She helped me tremendously during a very difficult time of suffering postpartum depression. Her warmth, compassion, and knowledge helped me feel safe and secure. I was so overwhelmed at that time in my life and Ms. Miller's kindness touched my heart so deeply. I am so grateful to her for helping me find a pathway out of such a dark and personal struggle. She understood exactly what was going on with me and never once judged me. Quite the opposite...I felt lifted up, loved, and supported.
She is now helping me with a weight loss program and I am once again finding amazing success! I've battled with my weight for my entire life and with Ms. Miller's help, I'm achieving goals I've never thought possible.
Thank you Ms. Miller and staff! We appreciate you all and I continue to recommend your office to anyone needing your services.

- JN

We love Scott Layton! He has been a godsend to our family!

- KS

Great environment and staff! Very helpful doctors at this practice. Unfortunately I moved to another city, otherwise I would still be going here. Recommend to anyone in need.

- RS

I've been seeing Barbara for several months. She has always been able to understand and pinpoint the root cause of my feelings and made me feel at ease. Her staff is welcoming and even calls if they have any problem with getting in touch with my pharmacy. And I especially love that I can do a Skype session with my busy schedule.

- TG

I’ve been seeing Barbara Miller for 3 years now and she is AMAZING! So is the staff. They always greet you by name, & are extremely helpful.

- CH